KCTO Winter 2023

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UD instructors can now register for Keep Calm & Teach On (KCTO)—a workshop series with hands-on, virtual, and in-person sessions designed to get them into the classroom with confidence.

Virtual sessions: January 30 and 31
In-person classroom orientations: February 1 and 2
Connect with colleagues: February 2

What’s new at Faculty Commons?

What we’re reading now (SIT edition)

As we look forward to the end of the semester and SIT, we wanted to share some of our favorite posts and resources from the Learning Scientists Blog. Here's what we've been reading: Rose’s pick: Let it Go– the Benefits of Mind Wandering With fresh spring weather now...

What’s new at SIT2022?

This year's SIT is different from our previous years. We've designed a flexible program to meet the needs of all of our instructors. So what's new? One day online, one day in person. Join us June 1st in person (more details below) and June 2nd from anywhere, via zoom....

Q&A with Althea Kaminske

For this year's SIT, we're pleased to welcome Dr. Althea Need Kaminske, an Associate Professor at St. Bonaventure University, and a member of the Learning Scientists. We asked her some questions about her research and work. Read on to learn more about study skills,...

Meaningful Feedback in a Few Minutes

Asking your students "How's is going?" may not always result in meaningful feedback about your teaching. But the right combination of tools and strategies will get you information that you can use to refine your practices. Start here If you need a refresher on how to...
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