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Faculty Commons is here to help you with teaching, technology, and course development through workshops and consultations. Our partners collaborate to provide you with a seamless experience in improving your course. No more sifting through acronym soup to get the help you need.

What’s new at Faculty Commons?

Great reads for your holiday break

Whether you’re traveling or staying put on the couch during the winter break, the holidays are always a great time for catching up on some great reading or viewing!  Here are some of the Faculty Commons’ recommendations to keep your brain limber this...

Faculty Commons got a space-lift

Our sandbox classroom just got tricked out with all sorts of new tech gear. Interested in learning what benefits these additions will provide? If yes, then read on! Average Reading Time: 1 minute Dual Connectivity A new data projector helps to deliver the...

3 Things to Add to Your End of Semester To-Do List

DO NOT READ UNTIL POST-GRADING!     ...So, you are done with grading? Well then, great! Congrats!   First, take a breath. Then, while everything is still fresh in your mind, add these few things to your to do list. Average Read Time: 2 minutes   We...

Alphabet Soup: Making Sense of Grades like “W” and “Z”

Whether receiving end-of-semester student work fills you with glee (Yay! Evidence of student learning!) or with dread (Boo! So much work do to!) assigning an appropriate grade to that work can be a challenge. If you want to be sure you are assigning grades...

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