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Getting a Back Up Plan in Order

  Making the best possible back up plan if you, or some of your students, are unable to continue face-to-face classes might include several small moves, many of which you may already be familiar with from last year’s online teaching. Here are some...

Fall 2021 Instructional Guidance

  By now, you’ve probably read through the Fall 2021 Protocols for Instruction, and you may have some questions about how this impacts your teaching. Here are some common questions and our answers:   Q: What constitutes “make up work” if a student must miss...

Lessons from SIT2021

The Summer Institute on Teaching 2021 took place June 2nd and 3rd was held virtually, but still brought our teaching community together in a big way. SIT 2021 by the numbers: 306 Unique registrants 67 Facilitators across 19 unique sessions 286 Unique attendees across...

Online Teaching Service Options Fall 2021

Course Modality and Service Options As the UD campus increases the number of in-person classes for fall, you may be wondering which tools and resources are available for which modalities. The table below lists the different services available for each course modality....

Faculty Commons is a for all those who teach at the University of Delaware.

Monday through Friday

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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