Virtual Welcome Bar

Faculty Commons is available through the virtual welcome bar to meet your online teaching needs.

For strategies to move online, visit our new Teaching Online pages.

What’s new at Faculty Commons?

Whose pet is this?

Which Faculty Commons partner is the lucky pet-parent of Juicebox the snail? Answer: Meg Grotti, Associate Librarian

Improving students’ discussion board responses

Discussion boards full of “I agree” or “good point” comments? Try offering students a quick response template to help them engage with more precision. Here are some suggestions to help students formulate more meaningful responses: You made some good points here, such...

Get a second set of eyes on your course announcements or communications

Ask a colleague with limited knowledge of your course’s content to take a look at the emails or announcements you’ve been sending to see how they resonate with an informed, but non-expert, audience. The “expert knowledge bubble” sometimes makes it hard for us to see...

Sketch out a ‘low tech backup plan’

What is your plan for when the internet goes down, or when a third-party vendor tool doesn’t work properly? There are many ways to reach students, send them reminders or assignments if you are unable to log into Zoom or Canvas for technical reasons. You may want to...

Faculty Commons is a for all those who teach at the University of Delaware.

Monday through Friday

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Visit the Virtual Welcome Bar web page for more information.

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