Coffee Hour: Publishing in an Open Access World

Join us Fri Oct 23, 2015 10am – 11am  in the Faculty Commons (116 Pearson Hall), Lounge area for a Coffee Hour discussion.

The Faculty Commons, together with the Library, will provide a program for faculty entitled “Publishing in an Open Access World” Friday, October 23 at 10:00 a.m. in the Faculty Commons. Cathy Wojewodzki, Librarian and Scholarly Communication Officer, will lead a discussion of open access and the impact it is having on the work of University of Delaware scholars. Among the topics for discussion are choosing where to publish, the wide variety of publishers’ open access policies, and dealing with offers to publish from “open access” publishers.

If you have an additional topics you wish to discuss, please bring them forward, preferable by emailing Cathy at a few days before the discussion.

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