Engaging with multimedia in today’s world is not a passive experience.  We are all creators.  In the four purposes set out for general education at UD, the fourth purpose states that we seek to prepare students who are: “Equipped with the essential skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving world including the ability to be a lifelong learner, creator, and innovator.” Creating new works with multimedia (video, audio, photos, etc.) has never been easier, which is why it is more important than ever that we give students the resources they need to understand the practical, ethical, and legal considerations of working with multimedia.  The Student Multimedia Design Center in the lower level of the University of Delaware Library is a central resource for the equipment, space, software, and expertise you and your students need for multimedia assignments.

When creating an assignment that has a multimedia component, consider introducing your students to the one or more of the following concepts:

  • U.S. Copyright Law
  • The Doctrine of Fair Use
  • Creative Commons Licenses

Understanding how to exercise fair use or how to find creative commons-licensed photos will be invaluable skills that will help prepare your students to be lifelong learners, creators, and innovators.

To learn more, visit the following resources:

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