Students are used to leveraging online videos to teach themselves different skills. With the Library’s growing collection of video tutorials and recorded workshops, students can brush up on their research skills whenever they need a refresher—like for that project you just assigned.

While some of your students may have used the Library’s resources in past assignments, others may be new to the process or unfamiliar with the tools in place to support them. Providing these tutorials to your class as additional support can help all of your students be equally prepared to tackle their research assignments. All tutorials and recorded workshops are fully captioned and accessible. They each have an embed code and easily can be embedded within Canvas or class web pages to facilitate access.

Whether it’s a quick overview on finding databases or a dedicated session on advanced research techniques using Google Scholar, the Library’s video tutorials and recorded workshops can assist you in creating research-savvy student scholars.


Do you have any reference or instructional topics or tools for which you would like to see a video tutorial created? Email your ideas to Kris Raser, digital content specialist for UD Library, Museums and Press, at

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