With spring break upon us, now is the perfect time to play a little catch up and tackle some of those things that have been hanging on your to do list.

#1 Get mid-semester feedback

Ask students: what are you doing that is helping them learn, what are you doing that is hurting their learning, what would students like you to do that would help their learning and what should the students be doing to improve their own learning?

Review this feedback and look for themes or common ideas. Share your response to that feedback with the students; if there are changes that need to be made (that you are willing to make) let them know what will change.

Clear and regular communication is the secret to a happy classroom!


#2 Practice self-care

Spring Break is usually when instructors try to get caught up on their own research, and those administrative tasks that fell through the cracks during midterms. But make some time for yourself too! Recharging your batteries (through rest, exercise, hobbies, or family time) will give you the energy and focus you need to sprint to the finish at the end of the semester.

Make self-care part of your to-do list for the rest of the semester too!


#3 Clear the decks!

Make sure you’ve gotten student work graded and given your students the feedback that they’ll need to finish the semester strong. There’s nothing worse than getting a pile of midterm assignments when you haven’t gotten the previous few week’s work back to your students.

Check out our previous issue for tips and tricks to speed up your grading and you can return from break to a clean desk and a clear mind.


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