The UD Online Testing Center administers online, on-campus, and professional exams in a technologically-advanced and secure environment. Check out the video below to get the testing-center experience through the eyes of a student!

Highlights from the video are also posted below.

1. Registering Before the Exam Date

To ensure a space is designated for them, students will contact the testing center by calling 302-831-1500 or logging on to the PCS Student Portal.

2. Arriving Before the Exam

This gives students time to lock away valuable items before the test begins. They are only permitted to enter the testing area with their Student ID and cellphone (For Two-Factor Authentication purposes).

3. Checking In

Students will tell the main desk their name and which exam they are planning to take. This attendant will check the student in and direct them to the testing area.

4. Entering the Testing Area

Once students enter the testing area, they will go to the front desk. It is here that the proctor will hold their Student ID and cellphone. Students will sign a waiver stating they understand the rules and policies enforced within the testing center. Students will also be issued allowable materials, including non-graphing calculators, rulers, and more.

5. Locating the Test Space

Students will be directed to a numbered testing space. There are areas for paper-based and computer-based exams. Clocks are located on nearly every wall, and closed-circuit security cameras are installed to ensure academic integrity and student safety.

6. During the Exam

Proctors will monitor the space to ensure academic integrity. These proctors are not permitted to provide assistance on any exam. Students may only contact them if a technical or medical issue presents itself. Good luck, students!

7. Finishing the Exam

Students will follow the directions to the checkout area. Here, they will sign out and be given their Student ID and cellphone. They will be permitted to enter the locker room to retrieve the remaining belongings that they brought to the testing center.

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