As you fine tune your course for the fall, this post will address the most commonly asked questions about grading in Canvas. If we missed your question, let us know ( or join us for a workshop, August 16th at 1:30, on the Speedgrader tool during our Keep Calm and Teach On (KCTO) events.

Q: How do I create a column in my Gradebook?

A: Remember, your gradebook columns are added when a graded activity is planned (assignment, discussion, quiz). So if you want to use all the features Speedgrader offers, but students are not submitting an online assignment, create an assignment in your course, and select the option that is “On Paper” or “None” for the type of submission.

Q: I use to weight my gradebook using categories in Sakai, how do I do that in Canvas?

A: You can weight final grades based on assignment groups. Selecting this option assigns a weight to each assignment group, not the assignments themselves. Within each assignment group, a percentage is calculated by dividing the total points a student has earned by the total points possible for all assignments in that group. Detailed instructions. 

Q: I cannot grade all my students in one sitting, can I hide the grades from students till I have finished grading everyone?

A: Yes, you can mute the assignment while grading. By default, Canvas allows students to see assignment grades as soon as the instructor has graded the assignment. In some cases, instructors may wish to hold student grades until all assignments have been graded, and then release grades to all students at the same time. To hide student grades temporarily, an instructor can choose to mark an assignment as muted. Students can still see and submit a muted assignment. Only the grade will be hidden. Detailed instructions.

Q: I have several sections in my course, is it possible to only see one section at a time while grading?

A:  If your course includes more than one section, students are displayed according to the section shown in the Gradebook. By default, the Gradebook shows all sections, though you can select a specific section to view. Viewing an assignment by section only displays submissions for that section and decreases the overall loading time for the assignment’s data. Detailed instructions.

Q: How do I add and grade with a rubric in Canvas?

A:  You can add a rubric to an assignment to help students understand expectations for the assignment and how you intend to score their submissions. Occasionally, rubrics are added to assignments when you have an outcome inside of the rubric that you would like to use for alignment purposes. In addition to assignments, rubrics can also be added to graded discussions and quizzes. Detailed instructions.

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