Now’s the time to take advantage of UD Capture classroom recording by signing up your fall course at

This free service records your projected computer visuals and the audio from your class for you and your students to review at any time. No worrying about starting a recording — everything happens automatically based on your class schedule. You don’t have to do anything differently when you start class nor are you required to manage anything after class. When class is over, you’ll have an online recording available to you and your students within a few hours.

You can record lectures given by guest speakers, review sessions, and evaluate student presentations with ease.

To sign up for free UD Capture service for your class, complete our registration form by visiting:

Requests made after noon on Sunday, August 26 will be honored but may not be implemented until your second class meeting of the semester.

Not sure if you’ve already requested UD Capture?

You can check in UD Courses Search by visiting: UD Capture is from IT Academic Technology Services and IT University Media Services.

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