Below is the text-only version of the August Faculty Commons Newsletter.


Summer’s almost over, but don’t panic! Faculty Commons is just getting started with a month full of programs, services, and drop-in support to help you stay calm and focused. If you’re burning up just thinking about the semester getting underway, then read on for our tips on how to start September off with a cool head.

Dear Faculty Commons

Panic Edition

Eek! I can’t believe the summer is already almost over. I feel like my hair is on fire! I have so many questions about what to do before the fall semester starts. Can you help me answer some of my most-pressing questions RIGHT NOW?!



Check out our recommendations for your beach-side reading.

Dear Losing-my-cool,

Stay calm! You’re not the only one with questions this time of year; that’s why we offer over 40 topics during our Keep Calm and Teach On program. Check out our sessions to skim descriptions for each session or see events in chronological order through the schedule. Registration has advantages: a guaranteed seat in popular sessions and a friendly email reminder before the event, though walk-ins are welcome as space allows.

We built the schedule to answer questions just like yours! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get, and the answers that will help you start the semester off right.

How can I write really effective questions for quizzes and exams in my class?


I’ve got more than 100 students in my survey class. How do I get them engaged from day one?


What tools and strategies will help me get student groups running smoothly?


I’m excited to teach an FYS/FYE course this year, but I want to have my students learn by DOING! What new experiences are there for our first-years?


I’m teaching on controversial topics. What can I do to make class discussions effective and on-topic?


I’ve got a lot on my plate this semester. What can Google do for me?


What should I be considering as I review and revise my course materials right now?

It’s annual syllabus check-up time

Your syllabus is due for it’s semi-annual checkup.

See how we’ve improved the UD Syllabus template and how you can upgrade your syllabus now.

Get your course materials into your course site

Still have those readings, rubrics, problem sets, and slide presentations hanging around your computer but not organized or sharable?

If so, we’ve got some quick tips for you to get those materials where they belong and more ways to get your course ready to go.

Getting started in Canvas.

Your Canvas Speedgrader questions answered.

Don’t forget to register for UD Capture

Does getting an automatic recording of your lectures, with little to no work on your end, sound great to you?

Of course it does!

Sign up for UD Capture (by August 26) to get all of the benefits of automatic course capturing.

And we’re back!

Faculty Commons is back home in 116 Pearson. Come stop by and say “hi”!

Lookin’ good

The UD Library Museums and Press website got a makeover!

Check it out!


Keep Calm & Teach On

August 13th through 21st

KCTO is a series of just-in-time sessions delving into more than 30 topics, all designed to help you prepare for the upcoming semester. Session topics include: getting the most out of Canvas, assessment class activities, advisement, and integrating career development into your curriculum.

Check the KCTO website for schedules and registration.

Faculty Commons Book Club

August 21st

Start the year off right with a discussion on this year’s Common Reader selection Lab Girl by Hope Jahren.

Join us and discover how to make connections to your class content.

Building Community, Even in Your Large Classroom

September 7th

In this First Friday Roundtable you will learn how small practices can build a community in ANY sized classroom.

Practice and experience simple tactics that create a supportive and welcoming environment for all learners.

Introduction to Team-Based Learning

September 18th

Join Mark Serva, associate professor of MIS, as he shares his experience and expertise with this structured learning approach.

Explore Team-Based Learning with us.


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