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“Record. Review. Retain.” was the slogan when UD Capture originated in 2009. Over the years, UD Capture has grown beyond the basic function of classroom recording. It continues to evolve to meet the video needs of instructors, such as self-service studios, greenscreen and lightboard recordings, video file hosting, and variable speed video playback. New for 2019, UD Capture’s expanding suite of tools will allow classes to “record, review, retain” in better ways than ever.

This article highlights the basics of working with UD Capture videos inside your Canvas course. Future articles in this series will introduce additional new UD Capture capabilities.


“The new UD Capture features are a wonderful addition that give me extra control over my videos while also saving me time. Using My Media, I was able to curate videos, make small changes, and then share the updates with my students through Media Gallery. The system is very easy and user friendly. The media playlist feature is a great way for me organize videos into units and it helps students easily find what they need.”

Scott Caplan

Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Program, Department of Communication



Want to record your classroom session?

What’s new: Starting with your spring 2019 Canvas course, classroom recordings are automatically loaded for students to view through Media Gallery, a new tool on your Canvas course navigation bar.  


Follow these three steps to get started with classroom recordings

  1. First, create your Canvas course with the Canvas course request form
  2. Second, submit a UD Capture recording request form.
  3. Third, let your students know that classroom recordings are available using Media Gallery in your Canvas course navigation bar.  


For many instructors, these three steps are sufficient to cover the basic use of UD Capture.


Want to record yourself in a studio?

Use UD Capture Studio. There are several studio locations to choose from with a range of capabilities and levels of technical assistance. Recordings can include a combination of of various inputs, including voiceover, video camera, greenscreen, lightboard, computer input, and document camera. You can now manage studio recordings through My Media in Canvas. Find out more on the UD Capture Studio web page.


[New] Want to record yourself from your own computer?  

Use Personal Capture. A new function in Canvas allows you to record narrated slideshows or on-camera videos or a combination of the two. You can manage these recordings through My Media in Canvas.


[New] Have video files from other sources that you want to share?

Use the file upload option in My Media to add your video files to your Canvas course. To help you get started, you’ll find the previous two years of your UD Capture recordings are already pre-loaded into My Media within Canvas.


[New] My Media gives you more control over your videos, including:

  • Change the name for a video
  • Add a description to a video
  • Create chapter markers within a video
  • Embed videos on a Canvas page directly to a video
  • Replace a video with a new version without having to recreate the video link
  • Control access to videos using the People function in the Canvas course
  • Make captions and transcripts available
  • Reuse selected videos across multiple courses or semesters


But wait, there’s more! Future articles will cover additional features, including:

  • Manage captions, transcripts, and keywords
  • Edit video
  • Make a video quiz
  • Media analytics
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