Below is a text-only version of the March Faculty Commons Newsletter


It’s March Madness, and not just in basketball. This time of the semester can be a hectic one, but spring break is right around the corner.

Read on to get caught up (in under 5 minutes a piece!) on what’s new from the Faculty Commons.

How well do you know your low-cost course material options?

Time to read: 2.5 minutes

Test your knowledge of UD’s affordable course materials that can help decrease course costs,

Take the quiz here!

Effective ways to re-purpose your UD Capture Classroom recordings

Time to read: 1 minute

Did you know that you can use the enhanced UD Capture service to turn your classroom recordings into more accessible learning materials?

Use this service to add closed captioning, create searchable transcripts, or even turn videos into learning quizzes!

Discover how to transform your UD Capture recordings.

Quandary Corner: Plagiarism

Time to read: 2 minutes

It’s Quandary Corner, where we tackle your toughest questions. Sometimes, there are no right answers, just differing opinions.

Thinking about using online grading or plagiarism detection websites?

Read about how process vs product thinking can guide your decision.


SIT registration is now open!

Join use June 5th and 6th for a celebratory teaching event, designed to bring together educators from across UD to build and strengthen a community around teaching and learning.

This year, we are using EventBrite to manage our registration

Learn more about our new registration process or register here!

Using McAfee? Time to find a replacement.

Support for UD’s McAfee licenses is ending June 30, 2019.

Read more about McAfee’s retirement and take the next steps to protecting your computer.

Zoom: Create interactive class experiences at a distance

Zoom has built in tools to help you teach even if class is canceled or if students are absent.

Learn more about what Zoom strategies are right for you!

Meet Matthew: 5 things you should know about CTAL’s new director

CTAL welcomed Matthew Trevett-Smith as their new director this month.

Here are five things he wants you to know!

Upcoming Events

Save the date: SIT 2019

June 5 -6

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Summer Institute on Teaching (SIT)! We are busy planning the Faculty Commons’ biggest professional development event of the year – registration is now open!

Learn more about the new registration process or register today!

UD Capture Training

Throughout April

Looking for help with the enhanced UD Capture Suite?

Check out our upcoming training sessions on video quizzes, personal recording, permissions, and more!

Faculty Preview: Fall 2019 Exhibition on the Beat Poets and 1960s Counterculture

March 26

Get an up-close look at prints, photographs, drawings, and manuscripts on the preliminary checklist for the upcoming exhibition tentatively titled Visions from the Underground: The Beats and the New Consciousness, 1952-1977.

Discuss opportunities to use the exhibition in your courses with Special Collections and Museums staff and give your feedback while the exhibition is in development.

RSVP today!

Friday Roundtable: Supporting Student Study Skills

April 12 | 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Lys Murray from the Office of Academic Enrichment will facilitate a conversation about creating opportunities for students to develop and refine strategies for approaching their coursework. What can we do to model these strategies in the classroom and in ongoing work with our students? How can we point the way toward more effective studying? Join us as we share current strategies and imagine new ones!

Register today!

Book Club: Thanks for the Feedback

April 16 | 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Thanks for the Feedback combines research with practical advice for how we can accept and use feedback from others to improve our work and ourselves. This can help faculty as they provide feedback to students and one another as well as helping faculty effectively process the (solicited and unsolicited) feedback they regularly receive (e.g. course evaluations, annual appraisal, article, and grant reviews). Dr. Laura Lessard in Behavioral Health & Nutrition will facilitate this discussion and share with participants how she has used this book in her own professional life and in the classroom.

Register today!

2019 Course Design Institute

June 11 – 13

This 3-day institute will provide a personalized design experience to help you create a new course or revise an existing one with teh support of CTAL, other Faculty Commons Partners, and your colleagues.

Register today!

Delivering Learning Experiences Online | Summer Course Offering

June 17 – August 2

The goal of Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO) is to assist faculty who are transitioning to online teaching. This 7-week online course is an opportunity to participate as a student in an online course while also learning about best practices in teaching online and developing your own online course plans.

This course is suitable for those teaching in all online environments (face-to-face with online components, fully online, and all combinations in between).

Join DLEO!

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