Course Continuity

In the event that classes are canceled unexpectedly, the following options may be helpful for continuing some aspects of a course.

1. Establish a central meeting point online

The University of Delaware has two learning management systems, each of which can serve as a portal to your course continuity options.

Login to Sakai@UD | Learn the basics of Sakai@UD (ALL Sakai courses will be retired by December 21, 2018, visit T2C for details)

Login Canvas@UD | Getting started with Canvas@UD


2.  Deliver a recorded presentation to your students

Option How to get started

Record audio to accompany a slide-based presentation then dropbox the recording file to UD Capture.

To make a slideshow recording, Apple Keynote is recommended for Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

Record audio narration to accompany your slide show and save it as a movie file, then
dropbox the movie file to UD Capture.

Record a presentation in a self-service studio located in Gore 309 and Harker ISE Lab 208. Directions for making a recording are included in the room.

This option requires that Gore Hall or Harker ISE Lab is open for access.

Use your “media cabinet” key (OMS1X1-1) or obtain one from University Media Services in East Hall, then
schedule your self-service recording session.

Use the Pearson Hall studios to record a lecture on camera with assistance from a studio technician.

This option needs to be scheduled during regular business hours.

Contact Academic Technology Services to check availability.

3. Collaborate in an online meeting with your students

Option How to get started
A. Chat using text Learn how to use the Sakai chat room
B. Meet online using conferencing, screen sharing, and recordings integrated with Canvas Learn how to use the Canvas Conferences tool
C. Meet online using conferencing and screen sharing Create a free account at Skype
D. Meet online using conferencing, screen sharing, recordings, and live streaming Use Google Hangouts or inquire about a Zoom conference account available from Academic Technology Services.
E. Need something else? Contact Faculty Commons.

4. Get messages and documents to your students

Option How to get started
A. Send email to every student on your roster via the University of Delaware’s PO Box.

Login to PO Box

Learn more about PO Box

B. Deliver a message using the Announcements tool within your learning management system.

Add an Announcement in Sakai

Make an Announcement in Canvas

C. Organize a large number of files for student reference using either Resources in Sakai or Files in Canvas.

Add Resources in Sakai

How to use Files in Canvas

D. Send large files to one or more recipients using UD Dropbox.

Login to UD Dropbox

Learn about UD Dropbox

For more info…

Faculty interested in using these technologies to accomplish their course objectives and meet their student learning goals are encouraged to contact Faculty Commons.

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