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Headphones around lettering: TAL Talks with CTALAvg. Episode Length: 10-15 minutes, released monthly
Host: Dr. Rose Muravchick, The Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning
Content: Features special guests that discuss highlights from monthly Friday Roundtable

New Books Network Education logoAvg. Episode Length: 30-60 minutes
Host: New Books Network
Content: Features hosts and authors discussing recently released books in education.


Teaching in Higher Ed podcast logoAvg. Episode Length: usually 30-40 minutes
Host: Teaching in Higher Ed
Content: Features a wide range of topics including digital pedagogy, students, work\life, and teaching. Each episode page features quotes from the episode and links to mentioned resources.

Commons News

What’s new at SIT2022?

This year's SIT is different from our previous years. We've designed a flexible program to meet the needs of all of our instructors. So what's new? One day online, one day in person. Join us June 1st in person (more details below) and June 2nd from anywhere, via zoom....

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Spring Cleaning for your Teaching

A quick refresh of your teaching and assessment approaches can help bring you some clarity, and set you up for success in future teaching. You don't need to do much, just make some time to reflect and write down notes to "future you." Here are some of our tips for...

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Panels to Prepare for Promotion & Tenure

  Documenting Your Teaching for Promotion and Tenure February 25, 3:30-5 PM | via Zoom Register here. Co-hosted by the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning (CTAL) and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, this event is open to all instructors,...

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Classroom Community in Any Modality

A Framework for Classroom Community Parker Palmer (b. 1939) is an American sociologist and philosopher. He is the founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal and the author of several books, including The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a...

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End-of-semester checkpoints for you

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, and with it the period of finals, there are many small things you can do now to end the semester with greater calm and clarity. Here are our top ideas for how to check-in with yourself, and with your teaching to set yourself up for...

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Changes we’re keeping

What’s changed in how we teach, learn, and how have those changes have helped many of us better serve our students and our community? Recently, we’ve fielded questions about everything from Student (Office) Hours to in-class discussions. Here's what's changed and what...

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Getting a Back Up Plan in Order

  Making the best possible back up plan if you, or some of your students, are unable to continue face-to-face classes might include several small moves, many of which you may already be familiar with from last year’s online teaching. Here are some...

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