Canvas Assignments – More than the Basics

Looking to move beyond the basic assignment? Learn about the different types of assignments you can create in Canvas, how to collect, grade and manage assignments, and how to add rubrics and peer review.

Organize Your Canvas Course with Modules

Students want courses that are easy to navigate! Canvas Modules can help you organize your course –files, pages, assignments– by units, weeks, or any structure that suits your organizational style to help students effortlessly find and use your course...

The New Canvas Gradebook

A new Canvas Gradebook arrived on January 3, 2020. Come learn about its new interface and features. Ask questions about your course grading scheme and explore some additional gradebook tools and settings.

Take Your Canvas Course to the Next Level

Ready for more than just the basics? This workshop is designed to help you learn about advanced Canvas topics. We’ll build on the basic Canvas features and explore tools for collaboration and assessment in greater detail.