Course Design Review: Online Courses

The course-level review tool is available for improving the instructional design and accessibility of fully online courses using research-based criteria.

Why use the checklist?

Launching a successful online course is a complex and time-consuming process. This checklist provides helpful prompts to ensure that essential points are addressed and important details are tended to. With increasing numbers of students accessing your Canvas course from a mobile device, the checklist adds review items to optimize the mobile experience.

Recommended uses

The checklist is intended for instructors and instructional designers working on an online course design at the University of Delaware. The checklist focuses on the most essential elements for your course. Additional review points are recommended, such as a consultation with your departmental instructional designer or an experienced faculty peer reviewer.


The link below will prompt you to “Make a Copy” of the Google Sheet. You are encouraged to make a copy for each of your courses.

About the checklist

This checklist is a collaboration among faculty support units at the University of Delaware. It expands and contextualizes two standards for the University of Delaware: the OSCQR model from the Online Learning Consortium and the Course Evaluation Checklist from Instructure Canvas.

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