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Welcome to Faculty Commons. The goal is to bring together a wide range of University of Delaware teaching resources in one place where faculty can:

  • get answers to teaching questions,
  • discuss long-term projects,
  • learn about instructional grant opportunities,
  • explore cutting-edge teaching technologies,
  • participate in workshops on best practices for teaching,
  • and engage in other activities to enhance their teaching, and their students’ learning.

Staff from a collection of campus support units are on site to work with faculty individually or to determine the best course of action and the appropriate team for larger efforts. The Commons is also available if faculty just need a place to work or meet with colleagues outside their office.

Where? Pearson Hall 116. When?  Grand Opening: Thursday, November 13, 2014, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Interested? Let us know what Faculty Commons can do for you by visiting, calling, or emailing.

Many resources, one address

A shared space for teaching and support

The University of Delaware has a rich set of resources for teaching, but finding your way to them may involve deciphering an organizational chart or an alphabet soup of acronyms.

Faculty Commons is a shared space that incorporates expertise from every unit on campus that supports teaching and faculty who teach.

Principally, those units are

  • Academic Technology Services IT-(ATS),
  • Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning (CTAL),
  • Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education (ITUE),
  • Library – Reference and Instructional Services,
  • Library – Multimedia Collections and Services.

Additionally, Faculty Commons incorporates staff expertise from

  • Delaware Design Institute (DDI),
  • Interdisciplinary Humanities Resource Center (IHRC),
  • Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories (ISLL),
  • Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS),
  • IT Client Support & Services (IT-CS&S),
  • IT University Media Services (IT-UMS),
  • Office of Service Learning (OSL),
  • Student Multimedia Design Center (SMDC),
  • and others.

Learning environment

Come to learn…

At Faculty Commons, faculty can learn from support staff, other faculty, or by participating in an event. All teaching faculty will have an opportunity to define their teaching needs and receive assistance from staff in the units developing Faculty Commons, while taking advantage of a variety of flexible and informal spaces. The flexible learning space includes an experimental/concept classroom. This classroom can function as a blank slate with plenty of furniture and technology options for faculty to draw upon and arrange to suit their needs. The space can be configured to try out new approaches in classroom instruction, to innovate with emerging technologies, and to model configurations that merit wider adoptions across campus. The flexible learning space also has implications for online teaching. Faculty can explore the best ways to interact with students, present content, and evaluate learning in an online environment.

Gathering place

…stay for coffee.

Learning is a social activity. One of the first things you’ll notice about Faculty Commons is that it’s designed for comfort and camaraderie. Faculty can relax with a hot or cold beverage, settle in comfortably, and chat with others who have a passion for teaching.

Perhaps you’re interested in another place to get work done outside the office–you’re welcome to stop by and take advantage of the flexible workspace arrangements.

Staff from all the units supporting Faculty Commons are looking forward to getting acquainted with faculty who are interested in new possibilities for teaching.

Online companion

Visit the Faculty Commons online.

Faculty Commons online presence will develop into a compendium of resources from both Commons staff and UD faculty. It will deliver self-service and staff-assisted help, best practices from UD and elsewhere, collected calendars, training sessions, and funding opportunities, all within an online environment conducive to community building among faculty.

Defined by faculty

It’s what you make it.

Faculty Commons is a new concept on campus and its presence is still being defined. We look forward to faculty participation and input on what should be included, best delivery mechanisms, and how Faculty Commons should evolve to best meet the changing needs of UD faculty.

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