What’s new at Faculty Commons?

Featured Resource | OpenStax

OpenStax Textbooks is an educational nonprofit based at Rice University that provides cost-free access to open educational resources. Openstax is an ideal choice for a first introduction to the world of open textbooks: Its reputation for quality,...

Faculty Commons Staff Favorite | Open Education Podcast

Teaching in Higher Ed is a weekly podcast with experts in the field of teaching and personal productivity. This January, C. Edward Watson, Ph.D., was interviewed on the topic of open textbooks. Dr. Watson is associate vice president for Quality, Advocacy...

Digital Scholarship Method Series

Are you 1; are you two; are you three years old; are you 4.5 yo? We all answer questions differently. As scholars, that means we have to grapple with the complexity of “messy” data—whether that’s what our research subjects enter into forms or how we name...

GIS Workshops

Data mapping can help you discern unidentified patterns and enhance your own research—or the research your students have to do on their upcoming assignment. During the five geographic information system (GIS) workshops happening this semester, discover the...

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