Tools for remote teaching

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Not sure which tool is best for your situation?  Read the Course Continuity page for specific pairings of teaching activities and online tools.

For Zoom:

For Canvas:

For UD Capture:

For faculty that teach in UD Capture-enabled classrooms:

  1. Find a complete list of UD Capture enabled classrooms here.
  2. Faculty can sign up for UD Capture Classroom Capture at this link: Request UD Capture Classroom Capture
  3. Requests are processed manually so allow time for the request to be addressed.
    A confirmation email will be sent once UD Capture is activated for your course.
  4. Faculty go to their usual classroom at the usual times and a lecture will be recorded.
    Here’s a tip sheet to ensure a great UD Capture recording.
  5. If faculty chose to do so on the request form, recordings are added automatically to Canvas in Media Gallery for students (usually in a few hours).
  6. Faculty may still contact UMS Classroom Technology using the in-room classroom assistance telephone.

There are alternatives to recording in the classroom:

  1. There are UD Capture Studios available (self service, lightboard, green screen, learning studios) or UMS studios in East Hall, Mitchell Hall, etc.
  2. Faculty teaching remotely can use Zoom to make a recording.
    Zoom cloud recordings are added to My Media in Canvas and can be published to Media Gallery for students.
  3. Re-use previously recorded content by publishing it from My Media to Media Gallery.
  4. Upload other relevant video content faculty may have to My Media and publish it to Media Gallery.
  5. Work with the UD Library Film and Video collection staff to source videos to meet certain learning objectives.

UD workshop descriptions and recording links

You can also browse all course continuity videos on UD Capture Space.

Session titles, recordings, and slides Session description

Pre-flight check: Moving from course preparation to take-off

Session recording Session notes
Checklist (Google Sheet) Checklist (PDF)

Now that you’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing for online course delivery, it’s time to put that work into flight and engage with your students. This session will bring together the essential course components and settings in checklist fashion.  You’ll see how everything looks and works in a model course, along with a companion checklist for your own course. This session assumes participants are acquainted with Canvas, Zoom, and UD Capture.

Canvas for course continuity (Essentials)

Session recording Session slides

  • New to Canvas? Request a Canvas course.
  • Intro to Canvas
  • What are modules?
  • Assignments

Canvas for course continuity (Advanced)

Session recording Session slides

  • Giving assessments (tests, quizzes, exams)
  • Canvas Discussions
  • Canvas Groups

Canvas and FAQs

(no recording)

Open session to ask your most pressing Canvas questions. We will share some FAQs, too.

Canvas Assignments, Speedgrader and Grades

Session recording Session slides

Learn how these tools work together. See how you can set up an assignment, grade using annotations and other effective feedback including a rubric, and set up your gradebook.

Canvas Groups and Collaboration

Session recording

See how group work can happen online in your Canvas course, through Canvas groups,Collaborations which uses Google Apps and other tips.

Canvas My Media and Media Gallery

Session recording

Learn ways to share your video content in your course, including how to embed your video into a Page in Canvas.

Canvas Pages and Modules

Session recording

Come see how creating Pages can assist in communicating the context of your lectures. Modules can help you structure how you present your content, assignments, and other tasks to your students.

Canvas Quizzes

Session recording Session slides

Learn the basics about the quizzing tool, and settings to maximize security.

Zoom for course continuity (intro)

Session recording Session slides


  • Installing Zoom
  • Settings you’ll want to change
  • Using Zoom for the first time
  • Scheduling a session
  • Starting an ad-hoc session
  • How a TA can help you with Zoom
  • Holding a live class
  • Recording
  • Holding office hours

Zoom advanced features

Session recording Session slides

  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling
  • Whiteboard

UD Capture for recording (revised session)

Session recording Session slides

  • Using UD Capture Personal Recording
  • Using Zoom for recording

Supporting course continuity for IT Professionals

(Intro to Zoom, UD Capture, Canvas)

Session recording

Canvas for IT Pros

  • What is Canvas?
  • Creating a Canvas course (for spring)
  • How your faculty can use Canvas during a disruption.
  • Resources and where to look

UD Capture for IT Pros

  • How your faculty can use UD Capture during a disruption.
  • What are the editing options
  • Personal Capture as an alternative
  • Use Canvas as basis for Media Content
  • Create clips?

Zoom for IT Pros

  • How your faculty can use Zoom during a disruption.
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