Teaching Online: FILL

Establish which content can be re-used, explore additional material that the Library has available, and determine what new content you will need to create for online delivery.

Bringing My Content In

(Read Time: ~3 Minutes) 

In the final stage of backwards design, when goals have been set, evidence of success determined, and teaching methods established, you will turn to the actual content of the course. What materials will you need to provide to ensure that your students will be successful in exploring essential course concepts and practicing the skills necessary? 

In some cases a single textbook can guide the content of the course appropriately, yet learning materials can be a lot more granular. You might be using book chapters, scientific articles, news articles, handouts, animations, quizzes, exams, simulations, diagrams, pictures, podcasts, or videos as a part of the in-class or outside-of-class experience you provide to your students.  To ensure that your course is barrier-free to the greatest number of students, consider including materials that cover the same content but in different formats.  For example, a short video may work well for a student who prefers to learn in that mode, but a transcript may work better for a student who has limited access to wifi at home.

Canvas offers many other features to help seamlessly integrate materials into the course, and support you as you ensure that the materials you use are accessible to the widest array of learners. The cost of some materials such as digital access codes or textbooks can also be a barrier, and Faculty Commons partners can help you to locate course materials that are affordable and accessible, or consider how to leverage resources already available locally.

As you review your course design and its structure within Canvas, you may decide that you will need to create new content in the form of videos of conceptual material or process demonstrations.  Tools in Canvas such as My UDCapture can help you to create and distribute multimedia content to your students in a way that is accessible to a variety of learners.

Fill Resources 

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