Teaching Online: GET STARTED

Not sure where to begin? These leading statements can help you figure out which learning resource is right for you.

Do you want… 

You need… 

⇒ to learn more about current training opportunities​

⇒ a self-paced asynchronous experience that will guide me through the entire course design process for winter and spring courses.

an opportunity to be a student in an online course to learn about best practices in teaching online along with activities to develop my own online course

a list of resources to consider in designing an online course

suggestions for digital course materials for my online course (e.g., Open educational resources, eBooks, films and copyright help.)

to take a short, self-paced course to introduce me to online teaching

to learn more about tools and technologies for online learning (e.g., Canvas, Zoom, UD Capture)

to understand the experience of online students so I can better support them

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