Teaching Online: BUILD

Effective and efficient use of Canvas. Including:Specific to the learning management system, strategies for course construction, tools related to basic teaching activities such as grading, recording lectures, providing feedback, etc.

Building My Course

(Read Time: ~2 Minutes) 

Not all online courses are created equal, even with a great learning design.  As you build your course, consider how you can use specific elements of the learning management system intentionally, creating a supportive online course community, communicating to your students effectively, and presenting content in a manner that allows learners to move seamlessly through the course, easily finding what they need.  Learning how to use Canvas Modules to organize a course, customize a home page, and manage files, pages, and assignments is a great first step.

The assessments you learned about and created in the DESIGN phase can also be brought into your course in a variety of ways.  Canvas provides tools for sharing rubrics and peer review, as well as the basic mechanisms for collecting, grading and managing your assignments.  The UD Online testing center also offers support for online exams.

Build Resources 

I got it! Take me to HOME, DESIGN, ENGAGE, ASSESS, FILL.

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