A short-list of training opportunities focused on an in-depth, comprehensive look at course instruction and design in an online environment.

 Faculty Commons Partners provide a wide range of comprehensive and just-in-time training opportunities related to the teaching and designing of online courses. The following resources, offered through Faculty Commons, offer an in-depth, comprehensive look at course instruction and design in an online environment.

Please visit the respective pages on this site to find additional training opportunities and learning resources related specifically to

UD Online Faculty Resource Center (UD Online – PCS)

The UD Online Faculty Resources Center is a site for faculty who are interested in developing an online course, currently teaching a course online or are just curious about online learning. It provides access to a variety of resources about online learning, Canvas, UD technology services, software programs, and rubrics, among other things. Resources will be continually added as new technology and services become available. The site can be explored at instructors’ leisure.

Available: Open Access / Self Directed. Contact udonline-design@udel.edu to be added to the Canvas site.

Essential Skills for Online Teaching (UD Online – PCS)

Canvas Site

Essential Skills for Online Teaching is a short, self-paced course that tours the competencies required to be successful in teaching online. Participants will understand the scope of skills necessary to create and teach a high-quality online course, including course design, communication, time management, and technical competencies. The course is open to both credit and non-credit instructors teaching at UD.

Available: Open enrollment. Visit https://www.pcs.udel.edu/essential-skills-for-online-teaching/ to learn more and enroll.

UD Online Student Orientation (UD Online – PCS)


The UD Online Student Orientation is a public Canvas site that prepares students for taking online courses at UD. The orientation addresses how to get started with online learning, student success, navigating Canvas, and taking proctoring online exams. The intended audience is students, but in reviewing the orientation instructors can learn more about the student experience.

Available: Open Access / Self Directed

SPOT ON (CTAL, Library, UD-Online PCS)


SPOT ON is a self-paced, open-to-UD Canvas Course with the added benefit of a course readiness checklist customized exclusively for UD’s digital learning environments. Participants will be able to review the principles of backward design and learn how to apply them in an online setting for any mode of course delivery, be it fully online, hybrid, or emergency remote. Our program includes structured self-reflection about your teaching context, and well as an opportunity to review your own, personal approaches to teaching. Many of these elements will help you develop flexibility and intention throughout your online teaching, not just in a single course.

Available: beginning October 19th

Delivering Learning Experiences Online (IT-ATS)


Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO) is an online course designed to assist faculty and teaching assistants who are transitioning to teaching online. This course is an opportunity to fully participate as a student in an online course while also learning about best practices in teaching online. The activities and assignments in the course will help participants develop their own online course.

This offering of DLEO is specially tailored and scheduled to suit those teaching online this summer. The modules are focused on the essentials while preserving the activities and coaching that faculty appreciate most. Participants are encouraged to attend the weekly scheduled Zoom sessions, although the course can be completed entirely self-paced.

Available: June 2020


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