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Do you think higher education is experiencing dramatic change and should be poised to transform?
If you find this question intriguing and would like to learn more about Ann Hill Duin (guest speaker on Feb 5), then join your colleagues in an engaging book club!

RSVP: Confirmations and interested participants

Book: Transforming in an Age of Disruptive Change

Authors: Donald Norris, Robert Brodnick, Paul Lefrere, Joseph Gilmore, Linda Baer, Ann Hill Duin, and Stephen Norris

Free e-Book: https://docs.google.com/a/udel.edu/file/d/0B0CqeHHcp-YzMGFxUFNYblZzVWc/edit?pli=1

One focus of this book club meeting will be on the author, Ann Hill Duin, who will be a keynote speaker at the Experiencing Engaging Education conference February 4-6. See below for link.

An excerpt:

We begin with a simple thesis: American higher education is facing an Age of Disruptive Change—as are all other industries. Higher education needs to realign its programs and experiences to the needs and changing value propositions of learners, their families, employers, public policy makers, and other stakeholders in these new conditions. …

Between 2013 and 2020, the disruptive forces buffeting higher education are likely to cause/enable many adaptations by institutional leaders, managers, faculty, staff, alumni, employers, venture capitalists, and policy makers. Traditional barriers to change will be weakened by the recognized need to address the six major challenges facing higher education.

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