March Madness @ the Faculty Commons:  Are You Ready!

Come join in these fun, fast-paced sessions to learn how Sakai or Canvas can enhance your course, both in the classroom and online. These sessions will supply techniques you can use before mid-term grades for first-year students which are due March 27. All sessions will be held in Faculty Commons, 116 Pearson Hall.

March 12, 13 – Brackets: Weighing the Odds: Sakai versus Canvas

Are you thinking about using a Learning Management Systems (LMS) or possibly moving from Sakai to Canvas, but just aren’t sure where to start? This first session takes a look at some of the similarities and differences in both systems. Come and rank them yourself – see how your bracket stacks up for this first round!

March 12 – 12:00-12:30, Thursday (30 minutes)
March 13 – 3:30-4:00, Friday (30 minutes)

March 17, 18 – Predictions & Projections: Tracking Student Engagement using LMS Analytics Investigate the relationship between learning activities and student outcomes.

Research has shown that LMS (e.g., Sakai and Canvas) activity data can be predictive of student success. Student data can inform faculty about course design, and demonstrate to students the importance of taking responsibility for their learning. We’ll explore categories such as communication, assessments, administrative tasks, and management of course content.

March 17 – 11:00-12:15, Wednesday (75 minutes)
March 18 – 2:00 – 3:15, Thursday (75 minutes)

March 23, 24 – Scoreboard: Delivering Feedback – a look at SpeedGrader™, annotating student work, and rubrics in Canvas

The finals: this session highlights new tools that Canvas offers to facilitate providing feedback to your students. Come see how you can annotate student assignment submissions, use multimedia feedback, grade student’s work using rubrics, or consider engaging your students in peer review. How will you rate these new tools?

March 23 – 3:15-4:00, Monday (45 minutes)
March 24 – 9:30-10:15, Tuesday (45 minutes)

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