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How does a student’s mindset impact her/his learning? How do our own mindsets affect our work and interactions?
Join us to discuss Carol Dweck’s research highlighted in the text, Mindset: How You Can Learn To Fulfill Your Potential.

When: Wednesday April 8, 12:30PM (Bring a brown bag lunch; drinks and dessert provided)
Where: Faculty Commons, 116 Pearson Hall
RSVP: Confirmations and interested participants –

Author: Carol Dweck
Book: Mindset: How You Can Learn To Fulfill Your Potential, 2012

This book selection is a part of a field of psychology that investigates interventions for improved learning, and this area was introduced extensively at the Student Success Symposium in February. ( )

The discussion will explore Dweck’s arguments regarding how a student’s mindset can impact his or her learning, and how our own mindsets affect our work and interactions. She and her collaborators have studied how promoting social belonging among ethnic minority students can improve academic achievement and significantly diminish the “achievement gap.”

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The Faculty Commons will also have a limited amount of copies to give out “while supplies last” to those faculty participating in the book club  Reserve your copy today by emailing, then stop by Faculty Commons, 116 Pearson Hall, to pick it up.

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