TransGrant-02-26-016-wb300[This session is a follow up to the February 12 roundtable, titled “UD Faculty Commons Grants: Developing your idea into a fundable project.”]

At this session, faculty will have a chance to pitch their ideas and to partner with others who have similar ideas to make a collaborative proposal. Interested faculty can also contact Faculty Commons, at, to discuss their proposal idea.

The Transformation Grant program is designed to help faculty members enhance their teaching and their students’ learning with innovative uses of technology. More information about the proposal process, including a proposal template and a sample proposal, is available at the Faculty Commons website.

“Transformation Grant funding has allowed us to engage research methods students in an innovative manner,” said Jeremy R. Crenshaw, a 2015 award recipient and assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology. “Our study on physical activity connected our course content to our students’ lives outside the classroom. As they learned skills relevant to the course, such as data analysis and study design, they became aware of their own activity levels and were able to critically evaluate current activity monitoring technology.

“This study served as the first step in forming interdisciplinary initiatives to include physical activity monitoring as a source for improved learning and health on campus.”

Crenshaw’s application is available as a sample submission at the Transformation Grant website.

The Transformation Grant program combines resources from the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning and IT Academic Technology Services to accommodate funding requests for faculty time, graduate or undergraduate student time, software and equipment.

Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis for proposals that best fit the goals and criteria for transforming teaching and learning through the innovative use of technology. Successful proposals will test and assess instructional techniques and technologies that have the potential to establish new practices and resources on campus and beyond.


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