Ulisses F. Araujo

Ulisses F. Araujo

On behalf of the Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education, you are welcome to join a lunch discussion with Ulisses F. Araujo, Full Professor in the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities at the University of São Paulo.  The lunch will be held on April 12, 2016  from 12 noon to 1:30 in Faculty Commons, 116 Pearson Hall.

Registration is required.

Ulisses will talk about the problem-based learning experiences he’s been developing in Brazil.  This will include articulation between project and problem-based learning and design thinking and how he has been using these in a new virtual university in Sao Paulo.

Ulisses Araujo is President of the Pan-American Network of Problem-Based Learning and Director of the Research Center on “New Pedagogical Archictetures” at the University of São Paulo. As an academic consultant of the Virtual University of São Paulo, the first truly virtual Brazilian University, he is supporting the creation of blended undergraduate majors in Engineering and Science Teachers Educators for over 3.000 students. His projects aims at improvement and innovation in basic and higher education through the articulation between Project and Problem-Based Learning and educational technologies.

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