Both the Summer Faculty Institute (p.10) and the Library’s Student Multimedia Design Center (p.9) were listed in the October 2016 NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief as Best Practice Examples of deeply embedding digital literacy into program and curriculum design.

The NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief was commissioned by Adobe Systems to explore an increasingly pressing challenge for United States higher education institutions: advancing digital literacy among students and faculty. As technology is rapidly proliferating and becoming more ubiquitous in people’s daily lives, colleges and universities have become more adept at integrating it into every facet of campus life to enhance course design, course materials, and interactions between learners and instructors.1 While the first wave of campus technology, such as learning management systems, supported one-way communication from the institution or instructor to students, the latest incarnation of educational technology emphasizes two-way communication along with content creation — cornerstones of digital literacy.

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