1. Review your syllabus. Focus on your learning outcomes and what skills you want to help students build over the course of the semester. Realign your assignments to meet these goals and revise rubrics to support specific outcomes. Check out the UD Syllabus Template (www.udel.edu/003226) to see if your syllabus has everything your students will need to be successful. CTAL staff can help.

2. Learn about Canvas. Consider migrating from Sakai. Already using Canvas — give some of the tools a deeper dig. ATS staff is here to help.

3. Find a Cheaper textbook. Open Educational Resources (OER) may be the answer. Self-paced resources and Morris Library staff can help.

4. Think about clickers. Adopt the student engagement tool of choice, iClickers, or explore other student response options. Self-paced resources and ATS staff can help.

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