Eek! I can’t believe the summer is already almost over. I feel like my hair is on fire! I have so many questions about what to do before the fall semester starts. Can you help me answer some of my most-pressing questions RIGHT NOW?!
Signed, Losing-my-cool


Dear Losing-my-cool,

Stay calm! You’re not the only one with questions this time of year; that’s why we offer over 40 topics during our Keep Calm and Teach On program. Visit the Sessions page to skim descriptions for each session or see events in chronological order on the Schedule page. Registration has advantages: a guaranteed seat in popular sessions and a friendly email reminder before the event, though walk-ins are welcome as space allows.

We built the schedule to answer questions just like yours! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get, and the answers that will help you start the semester off right.


I’ve got more than 100 students in my survey class. How do I get them engaged from day 1?

Have you ever tried iClickers? Incorporating these quick polling tools into your courses can increase engagement and give you real-time data on how your students are doing. Some faculty are even encouraging students to bring their cell phones to class so that they can use PollEverywhere or iClicker Cloud. There are lots of other polling tools and options out there too. The trick is to find technology that you are comfortable with, be clear and consistent in your use of the tool, and let students know that frequent quizzing and polling is a way for them to demonstrate both their accountability and their learning.

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