As the spring semester begins, you may be swept into a whirlwind of projects, obligations, and deadlines. Keep yourself grounded by exploring some of our wellness tips and activities!

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Walk in yoga classes!

Jump in to a free “Bring Your Own Mat” yoga class this semester! Focus on your breathing in combination with various poses that will help strengthen your body and your mind. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, this class is perfect for all looking to improve strength, increase flexibility, and decrease stress.

  • The first class will begin on February 12th.
  • Classes will be offered every Tuesday from 4:45 – 5:30 PM.

Class space is limited! Sign up 24 hours before the class to secure your spot:


Library’s reflection room!

If you’re out and about on campus and need a quick mental reset, you’re in luck! In Morris Library, you’ll find the Reflection Room (Room 233), the perfect spot to do your yoga practice or for your students to visit for a mindful moment. Created for brief retreats from studying, the Reflection Room is a welcoming space for individuals to relax, take a moment and clear their minds.


No time to spare? Incorporate mindfulness with these easy tips!

Here are four simple tasks you can observe during your day to increase your mindfulness:

  • Breathing: deliberate and concentrated breaths can help you realign with the present moment.
  • Movement: allow yourself to feel the sensations of an active body.
  • Compassion: remember, you are not alone! Building compassionate relationships can help us overcome the seemingly insurmountable.
  • Sleeping: take time to restore your body to its full potential.
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