Want to get more from your UD Capture Classroom Videos?


Now that summer is almost upon us, it’s time to think about what to do with your spring semester recordings. Renaming, adding pertinent tags, and creating clips of class topics are easy ways to add value to past semester recordings.


Identify: Did you record any reusable content that could help your students’ learning for next semester? Short, five to ten minute clips could be sent as a supplemental guide to a topic for students to review before class, saving valuable class time.

Label: Renaming the video file to the class’s topic, as well as adding tags for searchability, are ways to ensure you will be able to locate and access your recordings easily.

Clip: Use UD Capture’s built-in media editor to create a shorter clip – taken from a longer video – of just the material you want.

Reuse: Sharing access to past recordings or clips featuring material students traditionally have trouble grasping is a great way to give current students a leg up on understanding those difficult concepts.

Quiz: Use shorter clips to build quizzes for formative assessment of material.

Delete: Didn’t have class a particular day, gave an exam, or just don’t need the video? Delete recordings to declutter your media library.

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