Website or Notes

  Request my Canvas Course site
  Set up my MyUD page to get easy access to all of my most-used web services
  Check out the UD syllabus template to easily create my course syllabi
  Incorporate Library resources and permalinks into my course. 
  Request a Library instruction session or consult with a librarian about my course. 
  Request a recording of my course with UD Capture, UD’s classroom recording system.
  Get free access to video conferencing software and video studios.
  Get instructor kit for using iclicker, UD’s student response system.
  Download/print my class roster from UDSIS and other Registrar functions.
  For Twitter users, follow…
Faculty Commons: @UDFaculty, CTAL: @UD_CTAL, Library: @UDLibrary
  Schedule a classroom observation with CTAL to get feedback on my teaching
  Review FERPA rules and responsibilities to ensure the confidentiality of student course information
  Prepare for a successful first day of class that isn’t just “Syllabus Day”
  Go to my classroom(s) prior to the first day and make sure the tech I need is there; double check with UMS if I have questions
  Put together a short “getting to know you” quiz or survey for my students; add questions about prior knowledge and experiences Consider questions about skills like writing, technology, or statistics. Also consider questions about comfort speaking in front of groups, note taking, etc…
  Reserve time in the self-service studios to record video content in case I am sick or there is inclement weather.
  Review my student learning outcomes and make sure I can explain them clearly to students on the first day  
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