You’ve requested migration of older UD Capture content using the UD Capture Migration Tool and it’s now available to you in your My Media.

What’s next? There are some crucial next steps that you should take now before July 1, 2020.

If you’re currently using older UD Capture videos in your Canvas course but have not relinked them to the new, migrated versions in your My Media, those videos will stop working after July 1, 2020. (We have a handy guide to help you tell if a video is from the old UD Capture.)

If you’re used to the automatic gallery of videos we created for you, then consider publishing to the Media Gallery in Canvas. The Media Gallery is a collection of videos for each Canvas course that is made available to students. The experience is very similar to YouTube.

If you’ve chosen to insert or embed older UD Capture videos in your Canvas modules or pages, you’ll need to also replace those old versions with the new ones from My Media in Canvas.

  1. View your migrated content in your My Media section in Canvas and UD Capture Space.
  2. You need to replace the old videos with the new migrated versions by:
    1. publishing the video from your My Media to the Media Gallery in Canvas (very similar to the old UD Capture archive listing), or
    2. embedding the video directly into a page in a module in Canvas using the Embed UD Capture video in the rich text editor.
    3. If you don’t use Canvas, you can still share the videos using UD Capture Space

If you do not replace your old videos with the updated versions, your content will break on July 1, 2020 when we retire the old server. Forget what you’ve replaced? Use this guide. 

You can find information and video tutorials at the UD Capture website.

Learn more about the UD Capture migration.

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