Have you ever considered teaching online but are not really sure how to get started? Or maybe you have experience teaching online and it’s time to update your course? (Perhaps those references to world events seven years ago are starting to look stale…) Wherever your starting point is, Faculty Commons Partners can help you get your online course up and running!

Online Course Design

Are you starting from scratch or moving a face-to-face course online?

If you are creating a brand new course, regardless of delivery format, consider a CTAL design consultation. Attending a Course Design Institute is also a great way to jump start the design process.

If you are moving an existing course online, contact UD Online for a consultation. UD Online has a small design team that can support instructors in adapting their face-to-face content for the online environment. They can advise on creating an engaging learning environment, leveraging multimedia, and online assessments.


Teaching online

Have you ever taught online before?

If not, maybe you are wondering how best to engage your students in the online environment? Consider participating in a Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO) course led by Academic Technology Services (ATS). DLEO is a great opportunity to experience an online learning environment alongside peers. ATS also offers training and one-on-one support for using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Visit ATS in Faculty Commons to learn more about how to utilize online tools such as Zoom or UD Capture.

Check out available faculty resources, including institutional memberships to the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Educause, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET), and University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), to which UD faculty have free access. You can sign up for their newsletters, participate in discussions, or access their webinar materials.


Library Resources for Online Learners

If your students are enrolled in courses that are entirely online, and may not be geographically close to campus, they may not realize that they have access to all the resources – both physical and digital – at the University of Delaware Library. In addition to accessing our online databases and journals, there are a variety of delivery services that online learners located at a distance can use to access our collections. To learn more, visit our Distance Learning DELivery Service page.


Online Student Success

Will your students understand the expectations of an online course?

Often there is a misconception that online courses are less rigorous than their face-to-face counterparts. Students may misjudge the level of work and time commitment involved in taking an online course. In order to set expectations and ensure your online students are set up for success, consider directing them to the Online Student Orientation: http://bit.ly/ud-online-orientation. Developed by UD Online and the ACCESS Center, this orientation will provide students with background on technology requirements, online exams, and other tips for student success.

Depending on the type of online course you are launching, your vision for the course, and the timeline you have available, the level of design and development needed will vary. To work out these details and the scope of the work, contact UD Online for a consultation.

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