Our just-in-time advice is back with part two: the mid-semester edition. As we approach midterms and Spring Break, we have suggestions for small, actionable steps you can take to help students maintain their focus. 


Give students specific feedback about how they are doing in your course, before midterms!

Frequent, low-stakes quizzes are a great way to build accountability and practice into your courses. They are also a good way to get students used to the kinds of questions, problems, or assessments that you’ll use for big-stakes exams. The idea is simple: pick some straightforward, objective-focused questions to quiz your students every week or every session that are worth just a small fraction of their overall grade.

Read more about giving student’s feedback. 


Make sure your policies are working for you, and your students. 

Now is a good time to check in with your students about different policies on technology use, communication, and participation.

Find out how to revisit these policies with your students.


Get your students in your office (hours)!

If no one has visited your office hours by this point in the semester, you may want to incentivize a visit, or plan for some group office hours.

Read on for tips on how to increase student participation.


Check your Canvas Analytics.

The new Canvas Analytics provides tools for tracking student data including grades and weekly online activity.

Find out what else this new tool can help you keep track of.


Let your students know that they are not alone.

Midterms are a stressful time for students and faculty alike.

Read on for tips on how to approach midterm time this semester.

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