Below is a text-only version of the May 2020 Faculty Commons Newsletter.

We’re almost at the finish line for the most unusual and challenging semester in UD’s recent history. These last few weeks have shown just how far compassion, dedication to learning, and transparency can go in the service of offering our students a meaningful learning experience in trying times. As we approach the end of this journey, it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned.

Sanity check! What your colleagues are doing right now to keep on keepin’ on

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – this has been a difficult…month? Year? Who even knows?

Get some inspiration from your colleagues who are doing their best to keep moving forward.

Grading and feedback tips in Canvas

Grading is stressful and time consuming – even without a pandemic – but it doesn’t have to ruin the end of your semester

We’ve put together some of our, and your, favorite tips to make grading just a little bit easier. And, if you’ve never used SpeedGrader, now is the time!

Three ways to create learning videos (from home!)

Need to recap a lesson from your course but don’t have the time “during class”?

Learn about these 3 easy ways to create your own videos right from your computer.

Yes, we’re still having the Summer Institute on Teaching!

Community means everything to us, even if that means taking that community online. Learn how the Summer Institute on Teaching will bring us together, even while we stay apart.

Take a sneak-peek at our current schedule and roster.


Summer Canvas Courses are now being automatically created

See how this will affect your future courses.

Teaching online this summer?

Check out our growing list of learning resources. (Web page coming soon!)

Can I return my book? Can I use course reserves?

Returning Books: Keep it unless you’re leaving!

Course Reserves: Plan ahead and leverage your librarian!

Learn more about returns and course reserves.

Have Canvas questions?

See if they’ve been answered in the Canvas FAQ!

Zoom 5.0 Update Required

Zoom Video Communication, Inc. is requiring a new update be installed prior to Saturday May, 30, in order for users to continue hosting or participating in Zoom meetings.

Learn more about the update.

Upcoming Events

Discovery Learning Experiences Online (DLEO)

June 1 – 26 | Register

Summer Institute on Teaching

June 3 | See the schedule and register.

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