What if you didn’t have to start from scratch to incorporate a digital scholarship or multimedia project into your course? 

With most courses moving online this Fall, projects like videos, data visualizations, podcasts, and digital exhibits or websites, may be more useful than ever. For example, maybe you usually have students write a paper on a topic — what if they created an infographic that included data analysis or visualization? Or, instead of a history exam, students worked to create a podcast or digital timeline detailing how the events unfolded? If this seems daunting, the Library, Museums and Press can help.  Librarians in Digital Scholarship and Publishing and the Student Multimedia Design Center have been developing new materials this summer to provide all the resources needed to implement a successful digital project into your course.  

Digital projects succeed best in a scaffolded environment, which allows instructors to provide feedback at multiple points. Project-based learning allows students to actively demonstrate their learning,  while also easing the complications of testing in an online environment.  Furthermore, these projects allow for students to engage in critical thinking and creative expression, often in a real-world context. 

In particular, we have two new multimedia project packages for faculty assigning podcasts and infographic projects. These packages consist of both instructor-facing materials, including an instructor’s guide,sample assignments, and rubrics, as well as student-facing materials, including worksheets and video tutorials. These materials simplify the process of planning a multimedia assignment by providing tools and tangible actions that scaffold the necessary skills and concepts for the project, and can be customized for your course. Librarians are available for consultations to discuss your assignment and options for additional support. To get a sense of the resources for instructors, take a look at the podcast project package. By the beginning of the Fall semester, finalized materials for the infographic project package will be posted.

For those who already incorporate digital scholarship or multimedia projects into their course, we have new and enhanced resources for students learning online. For video projects, we have custom storyboard templates and forthcoming videos produced by the Student Multimedia Design Center staff addressing the stages of digital storytelling and common production and editing mistakes to avoid. For a website or a digital exhibit, Digital Scholarship and Publishing staff can help you think through how the project will be sustained long-term, while prioritizing student learning.

Beyond our packages ready to be deployed in your course, librarians are available to discuss with you the most successful way to to implement multimedia and digital methods in your teaching. We always work to center questions of content and pedagogy while teaching digital tools, so no prior experience or knowledge of digital projects is required. We understand students’ varied access to technology, and can work with you to develop inclusive learning experiences. We look forward to hearing your ideas! 

For video, podcasts, or graphic design projects, contact AskSMDC@udel.libanswers.com

For websites, data projects, digital exhibits or maps, contact AskDSP@udel.libanswers.com

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