If you are assessing students using a midterm or final exam in Canvas, you should become familiar with the newest testing options available to help students complete those assessments while adhering to the university’s principles for academic integrity.


Respondus has now been fully integrated into Canvas. When you log into your Canvas sites, you’ll now see a new option in your course navigation: Respondus Lockdown. Learn more about the suite of Respondus tools and how to (and when) to use them effectively in your courses.

Some things to consider:

  • Students will need to download an application in order for you to use the lockdown browser to administer exams.
  • Google Chromebooks do not support the use of Respondus.
  • All exams administered using Respondus must be in Canvas.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser will not prevent students from accessing other resources, such as mobile devices, calculators, and books. It’s necessary to use Respondus Monitor to deter students from accessing other resources.
  • If you choose to use Respondus Monitor, you will have access to a dashboard with class results. Potential issues will be flagged and prioritized on this dashboard for instructor or TA review. The more exams you have, the more time you may need to reserve for review of flagged issues. There are guidelines you can provide your students to prevent unnecessary flagging.


If your exams aren’t being offered in Canvas, or if many of your students have Chromebooks, here are some other options that you can explore for high-stakes assessments.

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