Partnering up with UD librarians and curators will look a bit different this semester, but you can count on us for the same level of collaboration and engagement that you’ve come to expect from the UD Library, Museums and Press teaching and learning team. 

While many faculty look to us to provide a single, class-period-long session, attempting to replicate the “library day” in Zoom isn’t always the best way to support your course goals. When we can’t see students interacting with tools in real time, it is particularly challenging to provide the active coaching that students have told us is so helpful as they create their multimedia projects, learn a new database, or debate the trustworthiness of a tweet or magazine article.

Our team has developed additional ways to support the goals of your course and provide that valued one-on-one support for your students without jumping right to a 50-minute synchronous session. We’ve added new tutorials to support flipped classes. We’ve developed different options for E110 instructors, including multimodal project packages and new asynchronous materials. Custom course guides are available, too.

We are ready to provide coaching on research tasks via asynchronous course discussions and, when appropriate for your course goals, meet with your students synchronously. We are also here to help you embed our tutorials into your course and develop short, low-stakes practice opportunities for your students.  

If you are interested in connecting your students with our team and our unique collections this semester, get in touch with your librarian early. We’ll crack our knuckles, roll up our sleeves, and find the optimal way to support you and your students!

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