Get Digital and Multimodal Assignments To Go!

What if you didn’t have to start from scratch to incorporate a digital media project into your course? 

With many classes remaining online this spring, projects like videos, data visualizations, podcasts, and digital exhibits or websites may be more useful than ever. Maybe you usually have students write a paper on a topic — what if they created an infographic that included data analysis or visualization? Or, instead of a history exam, students worked to create a podcast or digital timeline detailing how the events unfolded? If this seems daunting, the Library, Museums and Press can help.  Librarians in Digital Scholarship and Publishing and the Student Multimedia Design Center have developed new assignment packages to help you begin the process of integrating a digital or multimodal project in your course.  With materials like scaffolded learning schedules, grading rubrics, assignment descriptions and examples, and other helpful resources, you will be well situated to guide students through the creation process. 

Assignment packages are intended as a starting point and we recommend working with a librarian to successfully implement multimedia and digital scholarship in your teaching. We always work to center questions of content and pedagogy while teaching digital tools, so no prior experience or knowledge of digital projects is required. We understand students’ varied access to technology, and can work with you to develop inclusive learning experiences. We look forward to hearing your ideas! 

Explore the assignment packages to learn more about integrating a podcast, interactive timeline, or graphic design assignment in your course.

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