by Meghann Matwichuk

Trying to figure out the best place to find streaming media can be a tangled, complicated process.  Whether you’re trying to sort out where to watch the latest feature film to relax after a rough week of grading, or you’re looking at filling out your syllabus with engaging video content, it can be tricky to know where to start.  Here’s a tip: did you know that DELCAT Discovery contains records for nearly 100,000 streaming media titles (‘eVideos’) that the Library has licensed for your use?  These eVideos are available to UD students, faculty and staff via more than a dozen databases to which the Library subscribes that specialize in streaming media.  DELCAT Discovery aggregates this content so that you can search across databases (such as Kanopy, Academic Video Online, and Swank) at once.  Next time you’re wondering what’s available on your topic area, try a keyword search in DELCAT Discovery using the Format limiter for ‘eVideo’ to see what’s available:

Screenshot of DelCat site

TIP: If you start your DELCAT Discovery search from the Film & Video Collection homepage, your results will automatically be limited to media content!

Click the ‘Share’ button for a link that you can incorporate into your syllabus, and your students will be able to log in with their UD netID and passwords to view the content.

Screenshot of DelCat page

TIP: Avoid surprises!  Share a list of the media content you plan to use with the Film & Video Librarian prior to finalizing your syllabus – occasionally eVideos have termed licensing and expiration dates, and if the Librarian knows about your intended use early on, these licenses can often be renewed.

You can also browse individual databases directly via the Library’s Streaming Media research guide.  If you know that a particular database specializes in content relevant to your teaching subjects, or if you wish to use database-specific tools that allow you to create playlists or clips, this approach may be helpful.  For instance, the Library’s newest database, Docuseek’s Global Environmental Justice Collection, contains a focused 35-title collection curated by faculty that explores human rights and environmental protection issues triggered by global development and climate change.  You can browse this collection at a glance by visiting the database via the Streaming Media research guide linked above.

Image of films from the global environmental collection

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