UD Online Student Orientation

The UD Online Student Orientation prepares students for taking online courses at UD. It addresses student success, navigating Canvas, and taking proctored online exams. In reviewing the orientation instructors can learn more about the student experience.

Getting Started with Online Teaching

Getting Started with Online Teaching is a short course that tours the competencies required to be successful in teaching online. Participants will understand the scope of skills necessary to create and teach a high-quality online course.

UD Online Faculty Resource Center

The UD Online Faculty Resources Center is a site that provides instructors access to a variety of resources and tools for online learning. Resources will be continually added as new technology and services become available.

Designing Learning Experiences Online (DLEO)

Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO) is an online course designed to assist those transitioning to teaching online. It’s an opportunity to fully participate as a student in an online course while also learning about best practices in teaching...